New Chapter Updates and Resources

EACH CHAPTER IN THE BOOK FOCUSES ON A MANAGEABLE NUMBER OF BIG IDEAS RELATED TO CLIMATE CHANGE TEACHING. These are bodies of knowledge that have a lot of research behind them, but are still unsettled—always being updated and revised.

Some of the resources on the pages linked below can help you deepen your professional knowledge and some you can apply directly to your work with learners.

You can also use the drop-down menu above….

Chapter 1 The Leap

Chapter 2 A Vision for Climate Change Teaching

Chapter 3 3.2 Where It All Starts: The Greenhouse Effect

Chapter 3 3.3 Carbon Cycling: Where It Stays and Where It’s Going

Chapter 3 3.4 No Place Is Too Remote: Our Oceans and Cryosphere

Chapter 3 3.5 Ecosystems and Why We Care About Biodiversity

Chapter 3 3.6 Weather Extremes and the Human Niche

Chapter 4 Solutions: Helping Students Envision Sustainability And Resilience

Chapter 5 Dealing With Disinformation And Skepticism

Chapter 6 It Matters How You Frame The Story

Chapter 7 How Do We Know That Happened? Reconstructing The Past  To Understand The Present

Chapter 8 Our Possible Future(s): Data Visualizations And Climate Models As Sense-making Tools

Chapter 9 Helping Students Show What They Know: Building Models And Explanations

Chapter 10 Activism and self-care for the long haul

Chapter 10 Talking to Students About Climate Emotions

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