Teaching About Climate Change

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This website provides an “ecosystem of resources” for teachers and other educational leaders who want children to understand global climate realities, discover the ways that human communities can help regenerate the Earth, and take action towards more desirable and equitable futures.

These resources support professional learning by elaborating on the ideas and tools in the new book—Teaching Climate Change: Fostering Understanding, Resilience, and a Commitment to Justice. Below are complementary resources to the book and updates on key ideas.

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Climate change, regeneration and resilience are sprawling topics. Students’ experiences with these have to be focused on big ideas, coherent and cumulative over time. What should our goals be? What curriculum frameworks, tools, and experiences should be part of a trajectory of learning?

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Many new and compelling ideas never made it into the book. Look here for more on the science, interdisciplinary curriculum, talking with kids about anxiety and grief, disinformation, social justice stories, activism, climate models and visualizations.

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Ways to set up a reading group. Good questions to set up conversation, establishing participation norms, reading chapters in an order that makes sense for your needs. Using ideas from chapters to try strategies out in your classrooms.

Ongoing commentary about what teachers are trying, the state of CC education around the world, policy, proposed transformations of educational systems to address climate and its implications for societies.

Here I share trustworthy reports, information, data and podcasts. These are for you but they are also for students to explore. You can fish around the web for resources but that can be a big time sink. Try starting with some of these and see what they are linked to.

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